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    FAFSA.GOV - Financial Application for Federal Student Aid
    The FAFSA is now REQUIRED  to graduate from Illinois high schools! It opens for the senior class on October 1st every year. Recommended completion deadline is November 15th to have access to all opportunities! 
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    What is Financial Aid?

    The primary responsibility for funding a student’s post-secondary education lies with the student and their parent/guardian.  However, in many instances, the family’s resources are insufficient to cover the cost.  Financial Aid is the bridge that helps a family meet the cost of a college education. 

    The 4 basic types of financial aid are:

    1.     Scholarships

    2.     Grants                               

    3.     Loans

    4.     Employment/Work Study

    NCHS gives students access to an advisor from the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC).  This service provides families with the information, resources, and applications necessary to begin the financial aid and college search.  For more information on this service please visit their website www.collegeillinois.org.
    FreeApplication for Federal Student
    Aid - www.fafsa.gov

    Senior students and their families can begin the FAFSA process in October of their senior year.  This application and financial aid service collects the family’s personal and financial information and calculates what aid a student would be eligible to receive. 

    Deadlines for submission vary depending on the school or university chosen. More detailed information on each school’s procedures and policies involving the FAFSA can be found by contacting the school or university’s financial aid office.  Information is often available on each school’s website.  It is recommended that you complete your FAFSA by the end of November so you don't miss out on any grant opportunities.  

    Scholarships - Also please see our scholarship page for more local/national scholarships
    Most colleges and universities automatically enter student's names for scholarships based on their entering GPA and ACT scores.  The college and university will contact the student regarding each award they qualify for.   
    Check each colleges' individual websites for information on their school specific scholarships. 
    Scholarship information, availability, and requirements can be found in a wide range of places.  Students typically apply for this type of money based on certain criteria each scholarship has established.  To search for scholarships students and families can visit the below websites:

    The counseling department at NCHS also has a scholarship binder available for student viewing during the school day.  The scholarships are organized by the month and date the application/essays/etc.… are due to be submitted.  Students may access this binder at their own leisure, no appointment is required.  ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Letters of Recommendation
    Please click here to request a letter of recommendation from your counselor
    The counselors require students to submit this online google form if they are using the Common App for college admission, as a letter of recommendation is required.  This form is also useful for students applying to colleges, scholarships or grants, which may require a letter of recommendation.  The student self-reports academic, personal, and extra-curricular activity information on the form. The information gives the person writing the letter a solid view of the student's life, both in and outside of school.  Counselors, teachers, and others are able to write more substantial letters of recommendation when they are provided with this information. 

    Financial Aid Links

    Government Scholarship Search www.studentaid.ed.gov/scholarship

    Federal Student Aid  http://studentaid.ed.gov

    Monies available from state governments  www.ed.gov/sgt

    Ed.gov Financial Aid Blog - https://blog.ed.gov/2018/09/7-things-you-need-2019-20-fafsa/

    Career Cruising – scholarships earch, college search, career inventories, financial aid information   www.careercruising.com

    Fast Web Scholarship Search www.fastweb.com
    College Zone scholarship search www.collegezone.com
    FAFSA www.fafsa.ed.gov
    Student Loan Report Resource https://studentloans.net/guide-to-paying-for-college/ 
    College Preparation Checklist  -  https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/sites/default/files/college-prep-checklist.pdf
    College Financing Calculators
    Use the college board calculators to figure out how to pay for college.  Any information you enter is secure and completely confidential.  www.collegeboard.com/student/pay/add-it-up/401.html
    Tuition Lab is an app available for iPhones and Andriods.  The cost is $0.99 and was developed by the parent of a college student to compute the cost of school.  *We cannot confirm the truth of the information in the app, simply that is another resource for you to access to assist in your search.* 
    Guide to Graduating College Debt Free