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    Thank you for visiting my page.  If you have questions, please email me at vernonk@unit5.org
    If you are a student who has missed class, or a parent who wants to know what's going on, go to that class' Google Classroom.  Your student can give you access with their login and password.  Assignments are primarily submitted or downloaded on the Google Classroom page.  If you have any difficulties please email me. 

    I'm also the theatre sponsor and below is the link to the drama club and productions pages.  

    The Purdue University link below sends you to one of the finest online sources for all things English and writing related questions and answers. Also the Indiana University link is a terrific source for plagiarism
    Indiana University's Plagiarism: How to Recognize it and How to Avoid it - http://www.indiana.edu/~wts/pamphlets/plagiarism.shtml 
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