Early Learning Program Coordinator:  Kris Pennington: (309) 557-4676  penningk@unit5.org
Special Education Director: Michelle Lamboley (309) 557-4550 lambolmm@unit5.org
Special Education Supervisor of Early Learning : Jessica Alt (309) 336-6201: altj@unit5.org

Family Coordinator: Jennifer Long: longja@unit5.org 309-557-4871

To schedule a screening to determine eligibility for the program call Jennifer Long.

Early Learning Evaluation Teams: 309-557-4411

Heather Kloster, social worker:  kloserh@unit5.org

Meredith Dehner, social worker: dehnerm@unit5.org

Jana Kelly, Speech Pathologist kellyjh@unit5.org
Teresa Love, School Psychologist lovetl@unit5.org

Jolene Baldwin, School Psychologist baldwij@unit5.org

Jamie Moore, Speech Pathologist  moorej@unit5.org

Jana Kelly, Speech Pathologist: kellyjh@unit5.org


Early Learning Classroom Teachers:

Brigham Elementary (309) 557-4411

Kathy Cooper cooperk@unit5.org
Tammy Cave cavet@unit5.org

Linda Kitterman kitterml@unit5.org

Wendy Young fultonw@unit5.org

Maria Fischmann fischmannmg@unit5.org

Kara Hereford herefordks@unit5.org

Melissa Adams adamsmj@unit5.org

Sugar Creek Elementary (309) 557-4425

Tara Bennett bennettt@unit5.org

Lora Boyd boydl@unit5.org

Erin Gardner gardnere@unit5.org

Stephanie Long longsg@unit5.org

Erin Auskings auskingsen@unit5.org

Tracy Hitchins hitchint@unit5.org

Kris Stayton statokl@unit5.org

Stacy Smith, smithsr@unit5.org


Program Information: For students who qualify:

  • Daily attendance by students is very important for academic and social growth. Student attendance is as follows:
  • Students attend Monday through Friday for half day(9:00-11:30 or 12:30-3:00) during the school year.
  • The Early Speech Phonology Classroom attends either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday Friday for half day(9:00-11:30 or 12:30-3:00) during the school year.
  • Students are assigned a site depending on residency.
  • Bus transportation is offered to all children in the program.