Junior Class - c/o 2020
    Class Sponsors:  Kaitlin Shoukry & Kristi Chase 
    President: David Sheelam
    Vice President:  Roussolini Socrates
    Secretary:  Elizabeth Mudiandambo
    Social Media:  Anagha Arla and Carson Belle
    Class Representatives
    Mantra Dave
    Emma Myers
    Anna Purcell
    Ishwar Ramesh
    Niya Sam
    Venkatesh Shenoy
    Iron's Got Talent - Tuesday, February 5th 7pm
    Drive 4 UR School - Saturday, April 6th 10-4 PM @ NCHS (Date will be finalized in January)
    Prom - Saturday, April 27th from 8-11 PM at the Parke Regency Hotel
    After Prom - Saturday, April 27th from 11:30-4:00 AM @ NCHS (put on by Junior Class Board Parent committee)