• Food Service Account Information

    Each family has a food service account. Deposits are made to that account, and the cost of all family members’ meal purchases is subtracted from it.
    Your head of household’s Skyward username will give you access to view payments and purchases, as well as enter payments online. If you need a username and password, please contact the school office.
    If you would like separate meal accounts for each family member, please call the Food Service Office at 309-557-4437. Once students have individual accounts, deposits must be made separately for each student.
    Making Payments
    Cash is not accepted in the lunch line.  Payments may be made by:
         1) Credit card using Skyward Family Access
         2) Check or cash at your child’s school.

    Online Payments
    Discover, Visa or MasterCard (debit, credit or check card) payments may be entered from the "Food Service" tab in Skyward Family Access. Payments are processed by RevTrak in real time, and funds are available as soon as the payment appears in Skyward. A confirmation email will be sent when credit card payments are added to your account.
    Click HERE for step-by-step instructions for making online payments.

    Cash or Check Payments
    Payments made with cash and check can be processed at your child’s school. Please send payments in an envelope listing the following:
    • Student’s legal name
    • Head of household’s full name
    • Amount to deposit
    Checks should be made payable to McLean County Unit 5 Food Service. Please do not combine any other payments with your food service deposit. The amount you send will be deposited into your food service account. Any checks returned by the bank will be subtracted from your account and collected at the District office. 
    Elementary School
    Please contact the school office regarding the procedure at your child's elementary school.
    Junior and Senior High Schools
    Deposit envelopes are available in the cafeteria, and a drop box is located in the serving room door. Payments placed in the drop box by 9:45 a.m. will be deposited in your account before lunch the same day.  
    Viewing Purchases
    Account transactions for each family member can be viewed by clicking the "Food Service" tab in Skyward Family Access. Purchases for each family member will be listed on a separate tab.  Accounts are usually updated by 5 p.m. each day. If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please call the Food Service Office as soon as possible. Adjustments to accounts must be made within 10 days of month end.

    Low Balance Alerts
    A reminder can be sent to the email address listed as head of household when your account balance is low. If you would like to receive a reminder
    • go to Skyward Family Access
    • click on “My Account” at the top of the screen
    • click the check box next to “Receive Emails when Food Service Balance is...”
    • click the “Save” button.