• Mission Statement
    The Chiddix Junior High School staff, in partnership with students, home, and community, is committed to fostering a supportive academic environment. The school program provides for an atmosphere that is intellectually challenging and recognizes each student's physical, emotional, cultural, social, and academic needs.

    Chiddix Junior High will:

    • provide for the development of competence in the basic skills of reading, writing, calculating, speaking, listening, problem solving, and information acquisition

    • encourage and model respect for self and others

    • encourage and model respect for property and the environment

    • provide the knowledge and understanding necessary to think critically and creatively, both independently and cooperatively

    • provide challenging yet reasonable expectations for all while accepting each person as an individual

    • provide for the development of the student in the areas of physical health, creative expression, and appreciation of the arts

    • encourage and interest in worthwhile leisure activities

    • provide awareness of community service