• Mock Trialmock trial

    Mock Trial is a competition that allows students to simulate a real trial. The trial concerns an official AMTA case that remains the same through the entire academic year. The case alternates between a civil and a criminal case every year. The case is entirely fictional but could be based on real cases. Teams consist of six to ten members, but only 5 compete at any given time - 3 attorneys and 2 witnesses. These 5 people will go against 5 other people from a different school. Teams must prepare both sides of the case (prosecution/plaintiff and defense) for every competition.

    Club Sponsor:  Kevin Shackley

    The case usually comes out in early November and tryouts are held in late November/early December
    Also, here is the code to our Google Classroom that has all of our information: vehs6sw 
    Meeting Times:  

    We are still figuring out meeting times but will post them on the Classroom page when they get figured out.