• Currently, WRC has been canceled. If a parent would like to lead WRC I'd be happy to transfer all information to help get you started.


    Winter Run/Strong Club 2023/2024

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    Winter Run/Strong Club begins OCTOBER 31ST. WR/SC is a daily after-school youth program held from 4-5 pm that meets and finishes at Maxwell Park covered area. WR/SC is NOT a Unit5 program and operates independently by Coach Bliss (6th year!).

    Winter Run and Strong Club are interchangeable and participants can change from one group to the other any day they wish. The run club will do a weekly long run on Mondays. On the remaining days we will run two miles, then finish practice with running-focused games. Strong Club will meet at the Maxwell pavilion.  The first half hour will have exercise stations with equipment available that are full body routines alternating daily (ie legs/core/power/upper body). In the second half, participants have the option of joining the Run Club for running games or can continue strong club stations. The loud Bluetooth speaker will play requested songs to motivate. Hurdles station is very popular every year, so that station will be returning.

    *Disclaimer: it can get very cold on some days. We will only cancel if there is a cold weather advisory. Hats, gloves, coats/jackets are highly recommended these days.

    Beginning in January, we will start to have an optional “Time Trial Friday”. We will have the weekly time trials until WR/SC ends in February. Each Friday, participants can choose as many events as they want: 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, Mile for a time that will be recorded and compared with weekly progress records. For participants that do not attend Fridays, we will find an alternate day for them to get timed. *track begins February 27th!

    There are 75 practice days available in all four months. There are two fee options: monthly ($25 each month) or discounted for all four months ($75 total, pay for three months, get the fourth month no charge). Some may choose the monthly option as a few participants will stop attending in January/February when it gets below freezing. *Most participants will attend all four months. Cash, Paypal (runfaster3@comcast.net) or check paid first practice.  Make checks out to and deliver to: Paul Bliss. PLEASE DO NOT TURN PAYMENT INTO FRONT OFFICE.


    My contact information: 360-481-8818, runfaster3@comcast.net

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    Participant Name _________________________  Shirt size (only if you do not already have a shirt from last year): YS     YM YL AS AM AL


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    Option (Circle one): Monthly payment/daily attendance ($25 each month)

    One payment/daily attendance, all four months ($75)