• Our students take the MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) assessment two times per year to give us a snapshot of how they are learning and what they are ready to learn.  We analyze this data to identify any students who may need additional assistance in mathematics to meet grade level expectations.  This data along with student performance in the classroom is used to identify students who will receive mathematics interventions.


    These interventions will take place outside of the core mathematics instruction.  Students are placed in an intervention course for the next semester. Student progress is monitored regularly throughout the intervention, and an assessment is completed at the beginning and end of a cycle.  This data is then used to determine if the intervention was sufficient to bring the student up to grade level expectations, or if another round of interventions is needed. 


    The math intervention at the high school level will use the Math 180 Course 2 program. We also supplement the core class instruction with additional homework help, and IXL skill and drill practice. Students work in a small group to develop the skills needed to compute accurately and efficiently, the number sense they need to reason, and the ability to apply their skills and reasoning to solve problems.