• Hello 7-2 Students and Families! Thank you for joining us in the #learningpit as we explore Remote Learning as a team and district for the first time. One of the things that makes 7-2 awesome is our flexibility and togetherness. We have confidence that no matter what challenges we encounter along the way, we can continue learning and growing together!**Check out this video we made for you! **

    What you can expect from us during Remote Learning days: During Remote Learning days, we will be posting assignments and instructional directions on Google Classroom. We will also be available digitally- a reminder of our emails are listed below. We will do our best to give you feedback as quickly and efficiently as possible on any questions you may have regarding your assignments. We have been working hard to make this experience meaningful and manageable for you. We understand the learning will not look exactly like it does in the classroom and have planned accordingly. 

    What we expect from you during Remote Learning days: Your responsibilities for e-Learning will be similar to what we have been doing all year. Check Google Classroom each day for your posted assignments or instructions. Read directions carefully and complete those assignments to the best of your ability. If you are unsure of due dates or the schedule of completion, check the 7-2 homework board on our team website (we will keep it up-to-date for you each day!). Finally, if you have questions for us or are unsure how to complete an assignment, our emails are listed below for you. Make sure you email us with a specific question so our correspondence can be as efficient and helpful as possible.

    *****Our Team's Homework Board: Link HERE ***** 

    Other resources: Remote Learning information from Unit 5 websiteGoogle Classroom for posted assignments and information/updates from your teachers 

    Teacher emails for specific questions- click on Contact a 7.2 Team Teacher. Here, you can email one teacher or the whole team of teachers at one time.

    While we know that none of this is ideal, we are certain that #together we will reach the other side of the #learningpit. We miss you and look forward to seeing you soon!


    Love, Your 7-2 Teachers

    We miss you! Team72