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  • Unit 5 Food & Nutrition Services fuels healthy futures for Unit 5 students

    FREE meal distribution will take place during Online Learning at three Unit 5 School Sites & numerous delivery stops. 

    Starting September 8th, breakfast and lunch meals will be free for all children in the Bloomington/Normal community who are 18 years old and younger. 

    Meal order forms are NO LONGER REQUIRED for Unit 5 families. 

    Please see the Curbside Meal Schedule for the meal distribution schedule and dates. 

    School Site Pick Up Locations (open 10:00am until 1:00pm)

    • Cedar Ridge Elementary, 2808 Breezewood Blvd, Bloomington
    • Sugar Creek Elementary, 200 N Towanda Ave, Normal
    • Normal Community West High School, 501 North Parkside Rd, Normal

    Delivery Site Locations and Schedules

    Route 1: Bus #91

    • Wingover Apartments (@ Ibis Way) (11:23am until 11:43am)
    • 13 Fetzer:  (11:51am until 12:11pm)
    • Colene Hoose Elementary School (12:27pm until 12:47pm)
    • Traditions (Valley Circle @ Valleyview Drive) (1:01pm until 1:21pm)

    Route 2: Bus #74

    • Meadows (301 Hibiscus @ Joshua Tree) (11:16am until 11:36am)
    • Cardinal Ridge Office (Southgate Drive) (11:44am until 12:04pm)
    • Hilltop Mobile Home (A Avenue @ 7th Street) (12:11pm until 12:31pm)
    • Oak Creek Plaza @ Tracy Drive (12:35pm until 12:55pm)

    Route 3: Bus #90

    • Carlock Elementary (11:14am until 11:34am)
    • Kingsley Junior High School (North Parking Lot) (11:53am until 12:13pm)
    • North Cottage @  Woods Avenue (12:17pm until 12:37pm)
    • Woods @ College Park Court (12:37pm until 12:57pm)

    Route 4: Bus #112

    • Hudson Elementary (11:15am until 11:35am)
    • The Landings Office (Lindbergh Boulevard @ Lambert Drive) (11:46am until 12:06pm)
    • Lincoln Square Apartments (1700 N. School Street at third entrance) (12:09pm until 12:29pm)
    • Orlando Avenue @ Northbrook Drive (12:34pm until 12:54pm)

    Route 5: Bus #113

    • Fox Hill Apartments (Fox Hill Circle) (11:15am until 11:35am)
    • Danbury Court (Basil Way @ Pepper Place) (11:41am until 12:01pm)
    • Alexander & Grandview Estates (Lindsey @ Dennis Drive) (12:09 pm until 12:29pm)
    • Maple Grove (Beta & Epsilon) (12:30pm until 12:50pm)

    Route 6: Bus #61

    • Towanda Elementary (11:24am until 11:44am)
    • Shepard Park parking lot (750 N. Hershey) (11:54am until 12:14pm)
    • Northmeadow Village (856 A Street) (12:27pm until 12:47pm)


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