• Employee Benefits

    Health Insurance – Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    • Employee Coverage – Board paid health and dental coverage.
    • Dependent Coverage – Employee paid.
    • Wellness Benefit - Employees and dependents receive well care as part of the Health Plan coverage.
    • Vision Coverage - Employees and dependents receive vision coverage as part of the Health Plan coverage.
    • $300 and $500 Deductible Plan, 80/20 insurance coverage with prescription card and mail order option.
    • Health Savings Account with high deductible.
    Employee Assistance Program
    • Initial counseling available at no cost.
    • Unlimited 24-hour phone counseling available.
    Life Insurance
    • Board-Paid Life Insurance.
    Sick Leave/Personal Leave/Sick Bank/Medical Leave
    • 11 Days Sick Leave Annually – Paid.
    • 2 Days Personal Leave Annually – Paid. If not used revert to accumulated sick leave.
    • Sick Bank – 20 additional says available per year if one day is contributed by Employee to sick sank. Can be used for personal illness after sick leave has been exhausted if approved by UFEA president.
    • 10 Days Medical Leave Annually – Unpaid.
    Retirement Plan
    • Teachers’ Retirement System – 9-1/2% of Employee salary deducted for TRS. Nine percent is tax sheltered.
    • Illinois Municipal Retirement Program available for non-certified employees.
    Extra-Curricular Assignments
    • Opportunity for Coaching and Other Activities - See Extra-Curricular
    School Year
    • Based on 180 Working Days Per Year
    Tuition Waivers/In-Service Credit/Additional Education Credit
    • Tuition Waivers are available for classes taken through Illinois State University. Salary schedule credit typically granted for courses taken.
    • Salary schedule credit typically granted for courses taken through other colleges and universities.
    • Courses are offered frequently throughout the year through Unit 5 at no cost to the employee. Salary schedule credit or stipends available.
    Salary Schedule Interpretation
    • Step – Number of Years Employee Has Been Employed. New employees are granted prior credit at the rate of one year for each of the first five years and one year for each two years through the eleventh year of experience. Employees may start as high as Step 9.
    • Lane – Number of Hours Employee Has Earned After Completion of the Bachelors or Masters Degree. Lane changes made twice each year – once in September and once in March.