• Volunteer Screening

    Volunteers must complete the online screening each school year.   Once teachers have identified parents/family members who would like to volunteer, they will inform the office so an email with the volunteer screening link can be sent.  Once you have been approved, you may begin your work within the school and will receive a Volunteer Badge the first time you come to the building. You must wear your badge each time you are volunteering.  


    DO complete the volunteer screening: Parents or volunteers who come into the school and work with students.  This includes those volunteering during the school day, as well as volunteers who work with students as part of before and after school clubs. This includes, but is not limited to, volunteers who:

    • Volunteer in the school during the school day
    • Work in the IMC
    • Chaperone a field trip
    • Work with After School Clubs
    • Volunteer for Play Day


     DO NOT need to complete the volunteer screening:

    • people attending parties
    • volunteers for school carnival

    Please email
    mooks@unit5.org if you have questions about the process.