• Unit 5 Process for Documenting Professional Development 

    1. Click here to complete the ISBE Evidence of Completion Form  (Teacher CPDU Evidence Form)

    • Click on Make a Copy 
    • Rename the form with your school name and date of PD to replace “Copy of ***”. 
    • Complete all fields except Participant and IEIN.  (A third party provider is only required if you have someone from outside the district come present.)
    • Click on File and then Download and choose PDF.
    • Open the PDF and click on Save As to save to your Google Drive “School” PD Evaluations Folder.
    • Go to where that file was just saved in Google Drive and right click and then select Share With Google Drive.  
    • Click on Get Sharable Link
    • Make sure “Anyone at Unit 5 can view” is selected and then Copy Link.
    • Click on DONE.

    2. Template for Professional Development Evaluation Google Form (Teacher Evaluation Form)

    • Click on Make a Copy.  This will force a copy of the PD evaluation form as a Google Form. This process will need to be repeated with each PD event. 
    • Edit the name of the form and the title to reflect your school name, title and date of PD.
    • Below the title, complete the following information: Identify Date, Location (Facility, City, State), and Name of Provider  
    • Click on the File Icon after the name of the form.  Locate your school’s PD Evaluation Folder and click on MOVE.
    • Under the settings icon (gear) in the top right, select Presentation. 
    • Paste the link you copied into the message as noted then click Save and/or  Exit out of Settings.  
    • Click on RESPONSES at the top of the form.  Click on the icon of the spreadsheet and then click CREATE to create a new spreadsheet.
    • Click on the SHARE button.       
    • Click on Get Sharable Link
    • Make sure Anyone at Unit 5 can view is selected and then Copy Link.  Click on DONE.
    • When it is time for the PD, send the Google Form you created to the participants by going back to the form and clicking the SEND button in the top right.  You can email from there or copy the link to send.

    3. Complete the PD Summary Form  (Presenter Documentation with Evidence) 

    Unit Office Documentation: 

    • Electronic Sign-In Sheet - Double-Click in the header area to edit the name, dates, times etc... The form link can be shared and users can sign "electronically".  Place in School PD Folder for the current year. 

    • Google Sign-In Template -  Update the name, date and hours attended for training.