Battle of the Bands

  • October 3, 2018

     Additional Photos from Battle of the Bands 2018 

    V I D E O S  from past music concerts

    Order of Appearance

    1)  Scooter Toughened Ankles

              Nic Dale, Noah Dean, Josh Heier Lanie Heier, Jeremy Siegrist

              Andrew Cummings, Tyler Cummings

    3) I'm Not Committed
              Logan Dirr, Katey Parry, Emma Williams

    4) Kixby
              Tristab Bixby, Abby Kimball

    5) Postpone
              Jonah Beer, Taeed Dismukes, Logan Dirr, Kyle Heissler, Micah Henderson, Patrick Kehias, Jacob Kilby, Jeremy Lumsdon

    6) Uncommon Core
              Mr. Croisant, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. O'Donnell, Mr. Robinson, Mr. Roller, Mrs. Runyon, Mr. Shackley, Mr. Wiechman

    Tristan Bixby full resolution photo Tristan Bixby

    Abby Kimball full resolution photo Abby Kimball

    Mr Robinson Full resolution photo  Mr. Robinson

    Taeed Dismukes full resolution photo  Taeed Dismukes


    Mrs O'Donnell Full resolution photo  Mrs. O'Donnell

    Shackley & Runyon

    Scooter Full resolution photo  
    Cummings Full resolution photo  Tyler Cummings

    Cummings Full resolution photo  Andrew Cummings

    Logan Dirr Full resolution photo  Logan Dirr


    Lanie Heier

    Katey ParryFull resolution photo  Katey Parry

    gg Full resolution photo  Emma Williams

    jj Full resolution photo  Kyle Keissler

    jj Full resolution photo

    Kelley Full resolution photo  Mrs. Kelly

    Runyon Full resolution photo  Mrs. Runyon and Mr. Roller

    jj Full resolution photo


    gg Full resolution photo  Micah Henderson

    bb Full resolution photo  

    AwardsFull resolution photo