USE the CCRC  and Counselor websites, among other resources, and visit them often! You can obtain a lot of great  information, and hopefully, they will help you be more prepared when graduation arrives.

    JUNIOR YEAR Things to Do (continue from sophomore year, plus…)

    • SAT/ACT Preparation:  help improve your test scores by prepping for the test; it helps your college application.College Research:  begin gathering scholarships you would qualify for in a binder to be better ready senior year and meet with college admission reps when they visit our school:
    • Teacher Connections:  build relationships with teachers and your counselor as they will be writing your recommendations for college applications and scholarships.
    • Credentials:  remember this is your last year to improve your GPA and add activities to your resume for your applications that will be submitted next fall!

    Your BIG year is here!

    Junior year is a big year for you...this will be the last year of grades that will appear on your transcript when you start to apply to colleges next fall.  I’m hoping you will learn to balance your time and realize that you can still have fun while working hard. Finding that balance is an important step towards knowing you are ready for college. Here are a few more suggestions that may help:

    • Start learning how to do your own laundry, if you haven’t already.
    • Don’t make your parents nag you anymore about homework, curfew, rules.
    • Eat healthy and exercise.  Remember YOGA is a hot new trend!
    • Keep a regular sleep pattern so that you are always well rested.
    • Use a tool of your choice to help you keep track of everything going on.
    • ASK for help if you need it; I’m always here along with other faculty members! 

    SOPHOMORE YEAR Things to Do (continue from freshman year, plus…)

    • Career Plan:  continue exploring careers, including your own Plan of Study, and the Pathways recommended for that career. 
    • College Plan:  know the requirements to get in to your choice of college and get/stay on track.
    • College & Career Fairs/Lunch & Learns:  stay current with opportunities that will be made available in these areas.
    • Credit Recovery: take care of any credit recovery to stay on track for graduation.
    • Leadership:  find ways to develop your leadership skills and get involved.
    • Volunteer:  finds way to get involved in your community and build a resume!

    FRESHMAN YEAR Things to Do:

    • Study Skills: learn how to study for your classes and complete homework.
    • Time Management:  organize your routine for getting it all done at school and at home.
    • Prioritize:  know what is most important and know the deadline.
    • Self-Discipline:  in your mannerisms, work ethics, and actions.
    • Involvement:  get involved in at least 1 thing at school; data shows those who are involved at school are more academically successful.
    • Motivation:  focus on how to continue a great effort and self-motivation to do your best. 
    • Career Plan: begin determining a  Career Cluster or 2 (Career Cruising), Plan of Study, and Pathway and choose electives accordingly.