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    8th Grade Literature & Composition

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    8TH GRADE Literature and Composition

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    Literature and Composition is a reading intensive course.  Through the study of various texts, students will be able to read with understanding and fluency.  The selections studied will represent various societies, eras, and ideas.  Students will write to infer and draw conclusions about texts with support from textural evidence and experience.  Students will also be required to independently read books outside of the specified curriculum. 


    Major areas covered: short stories, novels, drama, non-fiction, poetry, public speaking skills, literary elements, and vocabulary.



    Roald Dahl author study

    Fiction vs. Nonfiction shorts stories and articles

    Ray Bradbury/Edgar Allan Poe author study

    O'Henry author study and radio play performance

    The Outsiders novel study

    Lore Podcast nonfiction unit

    Various read alouds throughout the school year




    The standard based learning electronic gradebook will show all pieces of evidence that are entered into it. Each assignment and piece of evidence will be categorized under a broad subject strand. A four point scale, described below, will replace the traditional 100 point scale and letter grade system.

    Unit 5 Academic Performance Levels LEVEL



    4 -----------------------------------------------------------------

    The student has such a deep understanding of the concept or skill that he/she independently applies their knowledge of skills in a way that has not been explicitly taught. This level indicates the student has demonstrated a very deep understanding and application of skills and concepts.

    3 ------------------------------------------------------------------

    The student is able to complete the tasks or answer questions relating to the skill independently. He/she consistently shows grade level proficiency with this concept of skill. The student performance matches grade level expectations.

    2 ------------------------------------------------------------------

    The student is beginning to grasp the concept or skill. He/She may struggle to independently complete tasks or answer questions relating to the concept or skill, but with support from the teacher, the student is able to show limited proficiency. It is also possible that the student is able to show proficiency at some times, but is not yet consistent in his/her proficiency.

    1 ------------------------------------------------------------------

    The student is in the very early stages of understanding this new concept or skill. At this point, the student needs significant support from the teacher to understand what is being asked of him/her. The student is not ready to complete tasks or answer questions relating to this concept or skill.




    Additional information:


    -Late work will not be tolerated.  Assignments must be turned in on time!


    -Any makeup work should be turned in within 1-2 days after an absence depending on the length of the absence.  There is a make-up folder on the bulletin board in the classroom.  Check your class hour’s folder, check the team homework website, and locate copies of worksheets on Ms. Behrens’ CMS page.


    -To access CMS

    CMS link:  http://cms.unit5.org/course/view.php?id=860

    Enrollment Code: litcomp


    -If you are absent on the day of a test, you will be expected to take the test upon your return unless other arrangements have been made.


    -If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail:

    Mrs. Shanks at behrenk@unit5.org



  • TEAM 8A



    1ST hour:  8:45 – 9:32 (P.E./Exp.)


    2nd hour:  9:35 – 10:21 (Core)


    3rd hour:  10:24 – 11:10 (Core)


    4th hour:  11:13 – 11:59 (Music/Tut.)


    5th hour: 12:02 – 12:48 (P.E./Exp.) 


    Lunch:  12:48 – 1:18


    6th hour:  1:21 – 2:07 (Core)


    7th hour:  2:10 – 2:56 (Core)


    8th hour:  2:59 – 3:45 (Core)


  • Ms. Behrens with her husband, Matt.