• Normal Community High School is pleased to add a College & Career Counselor to our office! 
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    CCC Mission:
    Provide the support, resources, and opportunities to students, families, and community members to ensure the development of knowledge, skills, and planning necessary for student success after high school.

    The College & Career Center (CCC) is available to our students to assist them in preparing for life after high school.  Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision and throughout our freshmen and sophomore years, the counselors will be helping students learn and explore career clusters and where their interests lie.  When students have some idea of the type of career they are interested in, it helps determine elective choices in high school, a possible college major or what type of specialty, trade school or training option would be required to accomplish their career goals.
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    Walk-in Only - College & Career Center is located in the IMC.
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    Karrin Hawkins
    Post-High School Counselor
    Office Phone: 309-557-4954