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     Multimodal Research Project

    Researching your Topic

    Break your Topic into Subtopics: Capital Punishment (topic) > Racism (subtopic) = Are more minorities subjected to capital punishment?

    Use Keywords: Think of the key words that describe what you are researching and the kind of information you need. Link your keywords with AND to narrow your subject.

    For example, "racial profiling" AND statistics AND "United States." 

    Try Different Search Terms: Remember to think of different ways to search for your topic. Different authors will use different words for the same thing: e.g. Capital Punishment or Death PenaltyGlobal Warming or Climate Change. Rephrase your search if you don't find many results on your subject.


  • Research Resources

    To find journal, newspaper and magazine articles on your topic, use the library databases. Several databases that are helpful for social issue topics are listed below.

    Student Resources In Context Web image Opposing Viewpoints in Context.gif
    Image result for sirs knowledge source   
     U.S. History In Context Web image

    Useful websites for researching social issues:

    Find a book
    Search our library catalog: 
    West Book Catalog

    We have eBooks available through Gale Virtual Reference Library:



    IMC Video/Recording Equipment 
    • Green Screen & lighting kit
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