• Teacher Letter of Recommendations

    Download and print this form. Submit it to the teacher you are requesting a letter from. Please allow 3 weeks for your teachers to complete a letter of recommendation!
    Teacher Recommendation Request

    Counselor Letter of Recommendations

    Requests for letters of recommendation can now be submitted online through a Google form, specific to your counselor.

    **Students must still see their counselor after submitting the form, so that next steps can be discussed.  
    The online request form is only for students currently needing a letter of recommendation, not students that may need it in the future.  

    **Students must be logged into their school google account to submit the form.  Our hope is for the students to complete these requests themselves.  

    Please allow 3 weeks for letters to be completed and communicate your deadline with your counselor.  

    If you already submitted the online form to request a letter and you need another letter (for another purpose), please submit the "Additional Letter of Recommendation Request" google form for your specific counselor.  You may submit this additional request as many times as needed.  

    Please see your counselor if you have any questions.  Letter of Recommendation requests for Mrs. Hawkins (Post-High School Counselor) can be requested through the College & Career Counselor website.  Thank you.

    Initial Letter of Recommendation Requests, click below:

    Mrs. Ince (Students last name A-Col)

    Ince Letter of Recommendation Request

    Mr. Short (Students last name Com-G)

    Short Letter of Recommendation Request

    Mr. Jack Ratzsch (Students last name H-Le)

    Ratzsch Letter of Recommendation Request

    Mrs. Giermann (Students last name Li-Pf)

    Giermann Letter of Recommendation Request

    Mrs. Chase (Students last name Pg-Stol)

    Chase Letter of Recommendation Request

    Ms. Fee (Students last name Stom-Z, all ELL students)

    Fee Letter of Recommendation Request


    Any addtional requests for letters of recommendation, click below:

    Mrs. Ince 

    Ince Additional Letter Request

    Mr. Short

    Short Additional Letter Request

    Mr. Ratzsch

    Ratzsch Additional Letter Request

    Mrs. Giermann

    Giermann Additional Letter Request

    Mrs. Chase

    Chase Additional Letter Request

    Ms. Fee

    Fee Additional Letter Request