• 1-1 Device Repair Fee Information


    Accidental Damage Coverage

    • All devices have accidental damage coverage
    • Damage fees will still be assessed for vandalism/negligence.  Vandalism includes unapproved stickers or other "flair" that changes the physical appearance of the rental device.

    Theft Coverage

    • All devices have theft coverage
    • No charges will be assessed when a family initiated police report is filed and a copy is provided to the school
    • Replacement device charges will be assessed for devices in which a police report is not filed and provided to the school.

    BYOD Support

    • BYOD (Bring your own device) support is limited to network connectivity. Loaners and software/hardware repair are not included.
    • Bring Your Own Device 2021 - 2022 FAQ

    2023_2024 Repair fees for rental or loaner devices 

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