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  • Why Standards Based Grading?

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  • Where do the "standards" come from?

    In 2010, Illinois adopted the new Common Core Standards (New Illinois Learning Standards) and shortly after, McLean County Unit District 5 revised math and reading/writing curriculum to align to new standards. In 2014 Illinois adopted new science standards, the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Unit 5 staggered implementation of these standards with elementary implementation occurring in 2017-2018. Illinois adopted new Social Studies in 2016. Unit 5 will begin implementation of these new standards in the 2017 school year.

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  • Why is McLean County Unit 5 utilizing Standards-Based Report Cards?

    Standards Based Report Cards are able to provide parents, students, and teachers with more specific information than a traditional reporting system does. In the traditional system, grades from all types of measures assessing many different standards and elements are averaged together to obtain one score for a subject area. In a standards-based grading system, teachers are able to communicate to students and parents specific progress on individual elements of the standards. This information allows parents, teachers, and students themselves to target areas for improvement and establish goals for their learning.

    Superintendent letter regarding SBG report cards | Fall 2016

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  • How does this affect students?

    We believe that all children can learn and succeed. The Standards Based Report Card will make it easier for all students to know what success in school looks like and to focus on their learning needs. This is no different for special education students. The better information we have about student learning, the more targeted our instruction can be. Students in special education will continue to receive quarterly updates on their progress toward IEP goals.

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  • How does homework become affected?

    Let's start with this great article about homework and its impact on learning.

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  • What about late work and retakes?

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  • What is a standards-based report card?

    The purpose of a report card is to clearly, fairly, and objectively communicate how a child is doing in school. A standards-based report card communicates specifically how a child is performing and which areas need improvement or attention. All teachers in a grade level measure student learning against previously established criteria. This is different from a traditional report card which gives a single letter grade for subject categories. A standards-based report card puts the emphasis on learning, rather than on comparisons among students. A standards-based report card provides information the teacher and parents can use to assist your child and separates academic performance from work habits and behaviors as well as personal characteristics.

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  • How does Standards-Based Grading impact exceptional learners?

    Grading Students with Special Needs

    SBG: A Model for Special Education

    Standards-Based Grading: Implications for Students with Special Needs

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