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  • A database is an online collection of organized information.  The information found within these databases is all 100% accurate, valid, and is constantly updated.  All of the following databases can be used at home as well.  You will need a user name and password to access them outside of school.  This information can be found in the IMC Brochure.  

  • Database Videos

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    Student Resources In Context Web image Science in Context.gif
     U.S. History In Context Web image Opposing Viewpoints in Context.gif
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  • Gale-Cengage Learning
    Access My Library from Gale-Cengage Learning "uses GPS to find libraries within a 10-mile radius of your location, then gives you free, unlimited access to their reputable, authoritative Gale online resources — without the need to log in." (password required). Compatible with:
    • Android™
    • iPhone®
    • iPod touch®
    • iPad®
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    Need help? The Access My Library Tip Sheet will walk you through the steps!
  • Local Libraries
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