• Week of February 1, 2016
     Date  Strength Training  Conditioning
    warm-up: add mini band walk 2x30 yards  
    1 KB goblet squat 3x8
    1-DB 1-leg RDL 3x5 each leg
    weighted push ups 3x3 
    2 DB step up 3x4 each leg 
    2 DB standing shoulder press 3x5 
    Assisted chin-ups 3x4, hold for 3 sec
    1/2 kneel plate lift 3x6
    Suitcase hold bottom up 3x15 sec each side 
    Standing anti-rotation press 3x6 each side, hold for 3 sec
    Stability ball elbow bridge 2x20 sec 
    C - 3 rounds with no rest
    2-DB walking lunge x15 yds
    SB hip extensions x6 (1 sec) 
    2 x 10 yds
    2 x 20 yds 
    2 x 30 yds
    2 x 40 yds
    2 x 50 yds 
    warm-up: add Quadriped T-spine rotation 3x8 each side  
    KB alt. 1-arm swing 3x12
    1-leg lateral box jump 3x4
    1-leg box jump 3x4 each leg 
    SB push-up bridge 2x20 sec   
    2-DB RFE split squat 3x5 each leg
    MB side throw 3x4 each side 
    MB overhead throw 3x4
    MB chest pass 3x8  
    C - 3 rounds with no rest
    MB overhead slam x6
    DB RDL x6
    Thrusters x6 
    split in half 
    resisted sprints 4 x 10 yds
    unresisted sprints 4 x 10 yds
    sandbag stairs sprints x 4 each 
    2/4 Yoga


    Week of February 8, 2016
     Date  Strength Training  Conditioning
    2/11 Yoga


    Week of February 15, 2016
     Date  Strength Training  Conditioning
    2/16  NO SCHOOL  
    2/18 Yoga   -


    Week of February 22, 2016
     Date  Strength Training  Conditioning
    2/25 Yoga