IAR Testing with a Personal Device

  • IAR (formally PARCC) testing on a personal device requires the student and their family to have the device properly set up for the testing window.  Below you will find instructions on how to setup and test your system before IAR testing begins.  Any questions and request for assistance can be directed to the instructional technology coach at your building.

Mac & Windows

  • You can install and use the TestNav Desktop program on your device.  In the linked "details" below, you only need to follow the steps up to the "Sign In" process.  Follow the steps in the video to the right to prepare your machine.  If you completed these steps last year and still have the program on your machine, you will need install the newest version.

    • Download Page (defaults to Mac - click on "Download for another platform" for Windows)
    • Installation and Operation details
    *Learn how to hide your OS X dock to avoid testing problems.
    **You need to make sure to close any programs that are running which may open a window while you are testing.  Examples would include music streaming services (Pandora, Spotify, etc...), notifications from anti-virus software (Norton, etc...), gaming programs (Steam, Origin, etc...).  Additionally, Mac users need to disable Siri during testing.
    ***If you experience issues with scrolling during the test, use your two-finger touchpad or touchscreen navigation.  If you cannot select options from a dropdown menu, use your arrow keys and and Enter key to make these selections. 


    1. Download the TestNav app from the app store.
    2. On an iPad, the IAR test app must be run in Guided Access mode.  Follow the directions for enabling Guided Access, using TestNav with Guided Access, and then closing Guided Access when finished.
    3. Click for directions on Guided Access
    4. Installation Guide


  • The video to the right displays an older version of our website where the "Instructional Technology" tab was called "Digital Conversion".  The core of the instructions have not changed.

    1. IAR testing on a Chromebook requires installing the TestNav app and running the device in kiosk mode.
      • This step must be completed on the "Owner" account of the Chromebook.  To easily determine which account is the "Owner", check the list of profiles on the login page.  When you click the arrow next to the profiles, the one that is the owner will say "(Owner)" in parenthesis next to the account name. The regular user profiles will not show this.
      • * Chromebooks purchased in 2017 and beyond cannot run in kiosk mode, which means they have to go through and set up a domain and manage those it would appear.
    2. Instalation Guide: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/display/TN/Set+Up+TestNav+on+Chrome+OS

Mac Video

Windows Video

iPad Video

Chromebook Video