• McLean County Unit District No. 5 allows secondary students (6th-12th grades) to bring their own technology devices to school.  If you have decided this is the right choice for you and your child, or if you are still in the process of choosing, this website is designed with you in mind!  Use the links below to discover more about the program, and feel free to contact your building administration for more details.


  • 3.21.2017

    • Added ISA testing directions
    • Updated PARCC testing directions
    • Added video for connecting mobile devices to the U5Open network
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  • 3.11.2016

    • PARCC testing section updated with details on Android and Mac OS X testing.
    • When PARCC testing on a Windows or Mac OS X device, please close any background programs that may open a pop up window during testing.
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  • 1.26.2016

    • Added a video walkthrough of using SMART and Office programs through U5 Cloud.
    • Added video walkthroughs of installing the TestNav app for iOS and Chromebooks under the PARCC Testing section
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  • 1.11.2016

    • Added links to download the PARCC TestNav Desktop installers for Mac and Windows to the PARCC Testing page.
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  • 10.26.2015

    • Google Cloud Print is back up! Links for the FollowMe printers have been updated in the documentation found on this page.  You will need to re-add these printers.
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  • 10.22.2015

    • The BYOD forums are now live!
    • The latest update to Google Chrome has broken Google Cloud Print.  Ignore the steps for teacher BYOD printing for now.
    • Added an RSS feed for the Updates section.
    • Users can now "subscribe" to the BYOD section of the website to receive email alerts when updates are posted.  Page 5 of this document will provide those details.
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  • If you have any suggestions of topics that you would like to see covered on this page, please let us know here.