American Eagle A WebQuest about the USA for Grades 2-3 
    Designed by Lillie Large and adapted by Holly Tindall



    Do you know how many rooms the White House has? Where was Abraham Lincoln born? In what state is the Statue of Liberty and who gave it to us? What presidents' faces are carved into Mount Rushmore? During this webquest you will visit some famous American sites to find the answers to these questions and many more. You will learn many interesting facts about this great country in which you live.


    Your task for this webquest will be to travel to and tour some famous American sites. You will travel for 5 days. Each day you will visit different sites. Your job will be to find answers to questions and discover interesting facts about sites and symbols of our country. As you travel you will take notes about what you learn. At the end of your tour you will create a travel brochure. This brochure should give important information to people who might visit our country.


    1. First you will be assigned a partner to work with. 

    2. Next you click on and print a USA INFORMATION SHEET. The sheet is divided into 5 days. It will tell you where to visit on each day. 

    3. Then you will click on the links listed below to visit famous American sites and sites that give information about the symbols of our country. 

    4. You will complete the facts on the INFORMATION SHEET and take notes that you might need for your travel brochure. 

    5.  When you have finished you will create a travel brochure for the USA. It should give important information to visitors about the sites and symbols of our country. Fold a piece of paper into thirds and include the following. 
    a. On the front flap write A TRIP TO THE USA by _________. 
    b. Make one page for presidents. 
    c. Make two pages for famous American 
    d. Make two pages of famous American symbols. 
    e. Be sure to illustrate and decorate all pages in red, white and blue.