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    In our class, we use a Clip Chart system in addition to the school wide PBIS behavior system.  Your child begins on “Ready to Learn” each day, and they can move up for good choices, or move down for poor choices.  Whenever they move above Ready to Learn into Good Choices, Great Choices, or Magical choices, they will also get to move a marble to our class jar.  Each time the marble jar is filled we will have a classroom celebration of their choice.   

    Students may also move down the chart into Think About It, Teacher Choice, or Parent Contact.  Think about it is used as a warning.  If a student moves to Teacher’s Choice I will choose a consequence that fits the behavior.  If I feel a different consequence would make more of an impact that will be dealt with accordingly.  Ending a day on Parent Contact will mean an automatic parent phone call after school or other consequence, (such as an ODR) if necessary.

    clip chart