Absences and Tardies

  •              Please make sure your child is here by 7:45 each day. We start our day in PE.  I LOVE having this class first!  It's a great way to wake your child up, especially with an earlier start time!  I also notice a significant difference in students' focus when starting the day off with exercise.  If your child arrives to school late please have them go straight to PE.  

                 Of course I do not want you to send your child to school sick, but it is important they are here at school.  Much of what we do in class cannot be made up at home.  Classroom discussions are an invaluable tool to students’ academic success. If your child is ill, please come and pick up the make-up work on the table outside of the office, or let me know if I can send it home with a sibling, friend, or neighbor. It is difficult on your child if they come back to school without knowing the concepts that were covered in class. Your child will receive one additional work day for each day they are absent to complete homework. This means if your child is absent on Monday and returns on Tuesday, they will have to turn in the homework they missed on Wednesday.