• Unit 5 has adopted a no snack policy for birthday celebrations.  If your child would like to share their birthday with studetns in some other way, such as giving a goody bad that DOES NOT include food that is fine.  (Please let me know what you are thinking.)  However, if treats are sent to school they will be returned to you.  See the below information regarding why this change was made:

    Birthday Treats

    Unit 5 believes that birthdays are special for children. As a school district, in order to promote a healthy school environment, birthday recognitions cannot include food items. The decision will be left up to each school as to how they would like to recognize a student’s birthday, but it cannot include food items.

    Board Policy 6.5

    Nutrition Guidelines for Foods Available During the School Day

    Students will be offered and schools will promote nutritious food and beverage choices consistent with the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans published jointly by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Agriculture (USDA). In addition, in order to promote student health and reduce childhood obesity, the Superintendent or designee shall restrict the sale or distribution of foods as defined by the USDA, in the food service areas during meal periods and comply with all ISBE rules.