• Writing

    ·       Have your child tell you about something that happened to them.  Have them sketch the story (quick pencil drawing), share the story, then write the story.  They can write made up stories or stories of events that happened to them.

    ·       We have learned 3 different genres of writing: narrative, expository, opinion.

    o   Narrative: write about something that happened to you (needs a beginning, middle, and end with lots of detail)

    o   Expository: read a non-fiction book then write an all about book about what you learned or you can write a how to

    o   Opinion: write your opinion on something and give 2 or 3 reasons why

    (they are trying to convince someone to do/try something, give them something , take them somewhere, stop/start something)

    o   Creative: come up with a made up character, setting, problem and solution and then write a fiction story

    ·       The goal is to get thoughts down on paper in an organized way, not about spelling!  Encourage them to chop sounds out and write what they hear.  Have them circle words that don’t look right.

    ·       Pick one thing to focus on (capital letters, periods, describing words and go over their writing with them to make corrections.  Do not correct everything just the one concept you want to focus on.

    Celebrate writing together!!