• Reading

    ·       Set a time to read each day!!  Your child should read to you and you to your child.  Find a comfortable spot and build it into your routine.

    ·       Ask your child questions about the book they/you just read:

    Text-based: what happened in the story (retell in order: beginning, middle, end)

    Inferring: using clues in the story and things you know to make guesses about why something happened in the story

    Critical Response: what would you do, how would you feel, how does the character feel

    Asking thick questions (before, during & after reading):

    I wonder (if, how, what, why)

    ·       When your student comes to a word they don’t know have them:

    o   Look for chunks (groups of letters) they know make a certain sound

    o   Skip it, finish the sentence, come back and think about what word would make sense in that sentence and with the story as well as with the letters that are there.

    o   Use the picture clues.

    o   Don’t let the word win-tell them the word or have them try something that makes sense and move on!  If it doesn’t change the meaning of the story, it’s ok!

    ·      Visit the library!