• 2013

    Burns Mason 7 
    Conklin MacCallan 6 
    Graves Brayden 7 
    Heideman Tommy 7 Also listed on A Team
    Holder Ethan 7 
    Kepple Kyle 7 
    Marcotte Zack 7 
    Mote Jacob 7 Also listed on A Team
    Nenne Nicholas 7 

    Newcomer Jack 7 
    Olson Isaac 6 
    Powell Jackson 7 
    Reid Bryson 7 
    Stoner Nicholas 7 
    Wallgren Evan 7 
    Wetzel Charlie 7 
    Ziebarth Drew 7 
    Bland Craig 7 
    Brent Will 7 
    Broadbear David 6 
    Braun Jacob 7 
    Deffenbaugh Pete 6 
    Ericson Evan 7 


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  • Parents-

    I am coordinating sack lunches (from LaGondola) for the 6/7th graders for the away weeknight games (Aug. 18, 28; Sept: 8, 9 and 11).  Sandwich and drink for the 5 games will be $25.  The lunches are ordered 24 hours in advance, so game or no game (due to weather) lunches will be bought.


    Please turn in money to Bill or me.  If paying by cash, please put in an envelope with your name on it.


    Go Cavaliers!

    Dawn Wetzel

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