• Order of Events

    School day meets usually last about 2 1/2 hours (goal to finish before sunset). Invites and Sectionals can last longer than six hours.
    *If you are planning to arrive only for your child's events you can usually safely guess when they start (i.e. 400 m is about middle of meet so will begin about one hour after meet begins for week day meets or about two hours after meet begins for Invites and Sectionals.) It is better to error on the side of arriving a little too early to avoid missing your event.
    *Possible scenario: your 8th grade daughter or 7th grade son is entered in the high jump on a Saturday meet. They may not be competing for the first three hours of the meet. It is permissable, with written note, email preferred BEFORE day of meet, to arrive with own transportation (not ride bus to meet). If your child is not going to ride the return bus this MUST also be mentioned in email note.
    If your child is not riding the bus to or from a meet they MUST be excused with a written note (email preferred BEFORE day of meet).
    Girls run all track events first while boys compete in all field events simultaneously *exception: in hurdles, first event, girls run, boys run immediately after then meet resumes with girls track, boys field. Once both boys and girls are finished they will swap: boys run track while girls compete in field events.
    • 100/110 Hurdles (girls then boys)
    • 100 m
    • 1600 m
    • 4 x 200 relay
    • 4 x 100 relay
    • 400 m
    • 200 m
    • 800 m
    • 4 x 400 relay
    • HJ-high jump 7th first
    • LJ-longjump 8th first
    • SP-shot put 8th first
    • DT-discus throw 7th first
    • PV-pole vault 8th first