When are try-outs and how do I sign up?

    Try-outs for all students that are in the drama club will be held from 3:00-6:00 pm in the first part of March in room 216. Club members will group themselves and sign up for ONE of the days during that week to try out. Students need to plan to stay after school on that day and make arrangements for pickup.

    What do I do on my assigned try-out day?

    On the assigned try out day students should plan to meet down in room 216 right after school. Mrs. Peoples will go over the procedure and then allow time to prepare (change into costumes, get props, etc…). Auditions will begin after that time.

    How do I audition?

    Each group will come into Mrs. Peoples’ classroom with their teacher recommendation form and their student information form. The door will be closed and the group will set-up. Mrs. Peoples will videotape each audition.

    What does Mrs. Peoples do with the audition videos?

    Mrs. Peoples watches each individual person in each videotaped audition. Each person is then graded individually on the following:

    ·        Physical expression of characterization and dialogue (this includes blocking/movement, body language, facial expression, and gestures)

    ·        Interpretation (the “feeling” of the material, sensitivity, and understanding of the playwright's intent)

    ·        Creative expression of the character

    ·        Dialogue




    When are practices?

    Practice will typically be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:45-6:45 pm. On Friday practice will typically be from 3:45-5:45 pm. As we get closer to the production date practice will go longer.

    Where can I find the practice schedule?

    The practice schedule will be located on the drama website.

    Where do I go during practice if I do not have lines or am not needed on stage?

    All cast and crew members are to stay with Mrs. Peoples in the gym. There is NO running around the school. Students must ask permission to leave the area that practice is taking place. If students are not on stage then they should be on the gym floor doing homework.

    Can I have my phone out at practice?

    You may answer a text or phone call from a parent but you may not be playing on your phone during practice.

    What happens if I get hungry?

    Students may bring a snack to practice. On late practice nights, students may ask parents to bring something after school. Each day Mrs.Peoples will provide a healthy snack to each student.

    How will I know if drama practice is canceled?

    If drama practice is canceled a mass email will go out to drama parents that have provided Mrs. Peoples with an email address, when possible an announcement will be made at school and announcements will be put on both the Chiddix website and the drama website.