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  • Hawk Happenings  
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  • Hoose Carnival 2015

    Don't Forget!
    The Hoose Carnival is this Saturday!  Wristbands are $10 for Kindergarten and up, and $5 for younger than Kindergarten.  Wristbands will allow you to play any games or other activities.  See ya there! 
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  • Adopt a Soldier

    Hoose will be honoring our soldiers during the Adopt a Soldier assemblies!  The assemblies will be April 23rd  at 1:10 And 2:10.
    We are writing letters and collecting items to send to 2 soldiers stationed in the Middle East.

    Items to Donate:

    Kindergarten will be assigned to bring toys such as water guns, yo-yos, and jump ropes (or sunscreen).

    1st grade will bring drink mixes, like Kool-Aid.

    2nd grade will bring gum/dried fruit/candy, but NO CHOCOLATE.

    3rd grade will bring dog toys/(No chocolate) treats.

    4th grade shall bring pop tarts!!!!

    5th grade will bring beef (turkey)jerky.



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  • Hoose Hawk Hustle


    Hoose Hawk Hustle!
    The run this year will have a SUPERHERO theme as a part of our whole school initiative to find the SUPERHERO in all of us.  Jump started by the book A Girl with a Cape, students have been encouraged to find qualities in themselves that can make a difference to others.  For the SUPERHERO Hustle, runners are encouraged to run with a cape and cheer on fellow students, parents, teachers, and friends!  Bring your own cape. Any kind will do, and it will be fun to add this bit of excitement to running! 

    Proceeds from the SUPERHERO Hustle will benefit the newly formed  Hoose Hustle Scholarship Fund.  The scholarship is for a Unit 5 graduating senior who attended Hoose in elementary school. Any graduating senior who attended Hoose may apply.  Entry forms are available on the Hoose website, NCHS and NCWHS.  Scholarship application deadline is April 15.

    Starting at 5:00 that day there will be a 1K (a little over ½ mile) Fitness Run for anyone 12 years and younger. An adult must accompany students even if not participating themselves.

    Immediately following will be a 5K (3.1 miles) walk/run. Both events will be held on Constitution Trail just west of Grandview Dr.  All registered participants will receive a SUPERHERO event t-shirt, drink, & snack.

    We are hopeful that many students with their friends & families will participate and be SUPERHEROS and cheer one another on in this fun event. If you don’t consider yourself a “runner” plan to come out and walk the course to enjoy the outdoors with your family/friends. If you do consider yourself a “runner” and want to know your running time, please bring your own stopwatch as there will be no official timing.  Intended to be a spirit filled fun event, please plan to attend and participate!  The SUPERHERO Hawk Hustle will take place rain or shine.

    See you on May 13th!!!!!!

    CLICK HERE for the Registration Sheet
    CLICK HERE for the Hoose Hawk Hustle Parent Letter
    CLICK HERE for the Hoose Hawk Hustle Scholarship Application

    Questions? Contact Cathy Strader (, Maggie Nelson ( , or Amy Yokley (

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  • Listening Tour Executive Summary

    Thank you again to everyone who participated in the Listening Tour last fall. Here is an executive summary of the responses. We will take this information and use it for district-wide strategic planning.

    Name of School:  Colene Hoose Elementary School

    Date of visit:  September 22, 2014

    Number of attendees:  24

    What makes our school outstanding? 

    The data indicates a strong belief that Hoose has high quality staff with 16 out of 54 ideas supporting this from staff, parents, and community.  High quality staff was also supported as a high priority issue with 4 out of 16 participants supporting this issue.  Likewise, the participants believed that curriculum and achievement was a high priority issue as well with 13 of 24 participants supporting this issue.  Lastly, Hoose’s participants indicated that the learning environment and behavior as well as parent and community partnerships are important.

    What can make our school even better? 

    The data indicates a strong belief that improving curriculum and achievement is of most importance to those that participated.  This was considered a high priority issue according to the data.  28 out of 72 ideas referenced curriculum and achievement and the need for improvement. Additionally, 13 of the 24 participants indicated curriculum and achievement as a high priority issue.   Within the area of curriculum and achievement, 21st Century learning was discussed as an area for further development.

    Prioritize the most important strength and most important improvement from the data.

    Overall, the 24 participants indicated that they believe the quality of staff, and learning environment and behavior at Hoose are our biggest strengths with 16 and 12 out of 54 commenting positively respectively.  In regards to the most important improvement, the data indicates that curriculum and achievement has a mixed view of positive (9 out of 16) and negative (28 out of 40).  The data supports that curriculum and achievement is an important topic for Colene Hoose and is viewed as the greatest area in need of improvement.  Thank you for participating and providing a summary to assist district wide strategic planning.

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  • Service Dog Coming to Hoose:

    Hello Hoose Families.  Hoose is lucky to have a new member of our student body joining us on April 14th.  This letter is to inform you that there will be a service dog in our school assisting one of our students.  This student and the service dog will/may, at times, be a part of your child’s class.

    This service dog, Rooney, is a highly trained companion for our student and is able to assist in many of the routine activities which may pose some challenges for this student. The child’s right to have a service dog is protected under Human Rights legislation and follows Unit 5 Board Policy.

    All the teachers in the school will be given instruction on how their students should behave around the service dog. The students will be informed that while the service dog is wearing his red vest at the school, he is a working service dog and should not be treated as a pet.

    This is a wonderful opportunity for your child to see how a service animal can positively affect the student with whom he has been matched. If you have any specific concerns regarding the presence of the service dog in your child’s class, please contact me at the school.

    Thank you for your understanding and support.
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  • Invest in Your Child's Future

    Description: Description: Description: vision

    Unit 5 has been involved with Vision 20/20, which is a student centered vision for the future of education in Illinois.  It focuses on four policy priorities:  highly effective educators, 21st century learning, shared accountability, and equitable and adequate funding.  To learn more about Vision 20/20, CLICK HERE. 
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  • Instrument Exploration


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  • Hoose Hawk Hustle Scholarship
    The Hoose Hawk Hustle will be hosting a scholarship for graduating seniors!  Read more below for information: 

    Requirements:  Applicant must be a former Colene Hoose Elementary School student who is a graduating senior from a Unit 5 High School.  He/she must be admitted to a college/community college/vocational school in Illinois the fall semester following graduation.

    Applications are due April 15, 2015, and are available in high school guidance offices or HERE.
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