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    Unit 5 has been involved with Vision 20/20, which is a student‐centered vision for the future of education in Illinois. It focuses on four policy priorities: highly effective educators, 21st century learning, shared accountability, and equitable and adequate funding. To learn more about Vision 20/20, CLICK HERE.

    The 5Essentials Survey is now open! 
    This survey is designed to help us with improving our school.  Please take a few minutes to complete it for us.  The survey window will close on March 13, 2015.  Thank you, in advance, for your help.

    Parents can access the survey at the following site:


     Wolf Pack Pledge

                W - work together: working together means being respectful and helping others work towards a common goal in all school settings.  If we don’t work together, it becomes more difficult to reach the goal.

                O - on task behaviors: do what you’re asked to do the FRIST TIME

                L- leadership is key: show you are a part of the wolf pack even when others around you may stray from the den.  There might be times when everyone strays away from the den, but the pack will always welcome you back and help you get back on track.

                F - follow directions and routines: as the week goes on, your teachers are going to be reviewing and modeling the 3Rs in all areas of the school.  Be sure to make good choices like the wolf does.  Always follow directions and routines the first time!


                P - proud to be a Timberwolf: show your pride by always doing what’s right and helping those who stray.  One way to show your pride is by wearing your Fox Creek gear or colors EVERY Wednesday.

                A - accept others: everyone is different.  You never know another person’s life story or what they are going through just like they don’t know every detail about you.  See others with your heart and not your eyes.

                C - come prepared: do your homework, have your supplies ready when asked, put your name on your lunch money envelope, tennis shoes for PE, what are some other ways you know to be prepared?

                K kindness: treat others the way you’d want to be treated.







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