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     We are requiring all current Unit 5 families to register their children electronically. You may ONLY register children that are currently in our Skyward system. Families that are new to Unit 5 or move within Unit 5 to a different attendance center MUST attend walk-in registration. These dates and times are listed below. An exception is for those parents with incoming K students only. You have been preregistered and should hear from your schools about next steps. New students to the Middle Schools and High Schools must make an appointment to meet with a counselor in order to register.

     Changes from 2015-Online Registration

    • FOR HS parents-PLEASE print the receipt for registration- A phone receipt is acceptable
    • Many families did not turn off their pop up blocker– this is necessary...please do this first.
    • Only PRIMARY guardians can complete online registration for students. (those listed #1 in Skyward)
    • Be sure to hit COMPLETE as your last step then COMPLETE again to generate an email confirmation.
    • Many families lost their user names and passwords– by law these must be generated by the Skyward system. Buildings do not have access to a “master” list. PLEASE PUT YOUR SIGN ON INFORMATION IN A SAFE PLACE! J
    • Please review ADD CHARGES at Middle School and High School for any additional items available for purchase.
    • Skyward requires the use of the BACK button to navigate around the process, please look for it.
    • If you work at State Farm or Country Financial, you may experience a blocked site and may need to register your student from home. We believe this has been fixed.
    • IF YOU FORGET TO PAY FOR SOMETHING( add a fee payment)-please enter back by the way of the Fee Management Tab on the left hand side when logging into Skyward Family Access.

     New Requirements for the 2016-2017 Online Registration Process

     You will have 7 steps to complete– EACH of the first 5 steps must include selecting SAVE then BACK to move on.

    You MUST answer yes or no to each area under Parent Approvals and Media Release. You will not be allowed out of the screen until yes or no has been chosen. Parents are also required to type in name and provide date before moving on. There are 4 approvals on page 1; 3 approvals on page 2.

     First page of approvals-Parental Approvals

    Acceptable Use Policy– You are agreeing to abide by the Appropriate use of Technology Policy or AUP

    Acceptable Use Policy-1:1- (MS/HS Freshman only)-You are agreeing to the AUP policy for 1:1 devices

    Handbook–                  You will be able to review and read the handbook in the prior step under Student Handbook.

    Field Trip-                    You are approving your child to attend field trips at their buildings.

    Second page of approvals-Media/Directory Release

    Audio Release–           You are approving your child to be audio taped in school.

    Photograph Release–   You are approving your child to be photographed at school.

    Video Release–            You are approving your child to be videotaped at school.

    Directory Release-       You are approving directory information release for your child.


    • The step for paying for Food Service is not an option during the registration steps; however, you may still pay for food service separately using the link on the left hand side when entering Family Access.
    • If your address has changed over the summer, you must go into the school and show proof of residency.
    • Attendance Exceptions are only approved 1 year at a time and must be approved prior to completing registration.

    MS/HS Cell Phone Requirement

     The district would like to have all student cell phone numbers in Skyward. To complete this task use the following directions.




    CLICK SAVE then CLICK BACK to continue registration process

    Deadline to complete online registration is August 1, 2016- after this date you must do walk in registration

    Walk in Registration Dates

    Elementary Schools-August 2 between 3:00 PM and 6:45 PM

    Middle Schools– August 2 between 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM

    High Schools– August 8,9,10 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM or 3:00 and 5:00 PM (see school websites for more details)

     Other important items

      • Paying online-you will be redirected to RevTrac. If paying by check please make checks payable to Unit 5 and mail to school office.
      • Families applying for financial assistance may want to wait until after July 22, so that your fee structure has been applied directly in Skyward. This could avoid confusion.
      • Step by Step directions will be available on the Unit 5 website at beginning the week of June 12.
    • All NEW middle and high school students need to call the building and make an appointment with a counselor to register for classes. You may call anytime during summer hours.


    • Parents of students that do not complete online registration prior to coming to walk-in registration will be directed to computers to complete the online portion first
    • All incoming K students that pre-registered are already in Skyward and should complete the online registration process.

     Step by Step Directions-review-go to click on Family Access then on the 2016-17 Registration link

    Step 1

    Verify Student Information-Please review current information. If you have moved, you must prove residency at your new attendance center.

    Step 2

    Parental Approvals- by saying yes you signify that your student has read and understands the district’s Acceptable Use Policy, Acceptable Use Policy for 1:1 devices, Student Handbook and your student has permission to go on Field Trips.

    Step 3

    Media Release– by saying yes, you understand that your student may be videotaped, audio taped or photographed.

    Step 4

    Student Transportation–Are you eligible for busing? If so, does your student plan to use Unit 5 transportation during the upcoming school year?

    Step 5

    Make a Fee Payment

    Step 6
    Final Step– Click on Complete Registration

     2016-2017 School Hours

    Elementary Schools 7:45-2:30

    High Schools 8:30-3:30

    Junior High Schools 8:45-3:45


     To learn more about promise council at Fox Creek go to the Parents Tab.



    Unit 5 EMAIL

    Unit 5 email experienced intermittent outages, as well as voice mail issues earlier this week. Everything has been restored to working order. Unit 5 will being a process to move away from our current email platform Microsoft Exchange and is instead move to Gmail. This move is necessary due to the fact that the current Exchange Server is past its end-of-life and the performance issues continue to mount. The problems this week further reinforcse our decision to make this change. The migration sis set to being summer 2016 and will be complete by August 2016. Thank you for patience as we work throught these issues.



    Wolf Pack Pledge


                W - work together: working together means being respectful and helping others work towards a common goal in all school settings.  If we don’t work together, it becomes more difficult to reach the goal.


                O - on task behaviors: do what you’re asked to do the FIRST TIME


                L- leadership is key: show you are a part of the wolf pack even when others around you may stray from the den.  There might be times when everyone strays away from the den, but the pack will always welcome you back and help you get back on track.

                F - follow directions and routines: as the week goes on, your teachers are going to be reviewing and modeling the 3Rs in all areas of the school.  Be sure to make good choices like the wolf does.  Always follow directions and routines the first time!


                P - proud to be a Timberwolf: show your pride by always doing what’s right and helping those who stray.  One way to show your pride is by wearing your Fox Creek gear or colors EVERY Wednesday.


                A - accept others: everyone is different.  You never know another person’s life story or what they are going through just like they don’t know every detail about you.  See others with your heart and not your eyes.


                C - come prepared: do your homework, have your supplies ready when asked, put your name on your lunch money envelope, tennis shoes for PE, what are some other ways you know to be prepared?


                K kindness: treat others the way you’d want to be treated.







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