2016 Kindergarten Registration
Tuesday, March 15 @ 1:30pm 
Please click on the links below to access the appropriate paperwork 
  • Towanda - Kindergarten Registration Overview - Tuesday, March 15 @ 1:30
  • Children will be registered at the school they will attend. Parents should plan to bring incoming kindergarten students with them for registration activities. Parents should bring a certified birth certificate, current immunization and health records and proof of residency.
Please call Mrs. Perry in the office if you have further questions - 557-4426
What information do you need to bring with you on the day of registration?
To register your child for  Mclean County Unit Five Schools you must provide proof of residency.   You will need to bring documents the day of registration.  

All documents must be current and show your name and address.

You must provide one (1) document from Category A and two (2) documents from Category B.

      Category A – One (1) document                                                                           Category B – Two (2) documents


q Real estate tax bill

q Signed lease

q Mortgage document or payment book

q Residency Attestation

q Military housing letter

q Section 8 letter

q Other*: _______________________

q Gas bill

q Public aid card

q Electric bill

q Medicaid card

q Water/Sewer bill

q Food stamp card

q Phone bill (no cell)

q Credit card statement

q Cable bill

q Pay check stub

q Vehicle registration

q City sticker receipt

q Bank statement

q Driver’s license/State ID

q Other*:  _______________________________

We will not be accepting registration payment at the time of kindergarten registration.  Payment information will be available in August. Please check the school website in August for current registration information.   

What types of medical records do I need completed for my kindergarten student?  
Check out the links below to view/print the forms in their entirety.  
Please call Mrs. McCaw, our School Nurse, with further questions about the medical forms - 557 - 4682