Dan Lamboley

Mike Clark
Associate Principal
Phone: 309-557-4408
Attendance:  309-557-4457

Principal's Message


St. Jude Activity Night
St. Jude
PJHS students line dance at
the annual St. Jude Activity
night.  All proceeds from the
evening go to support St. Jude!

Spotlight on Learning
Can You Dance?
7th Grade students learn a
variety of different dances
in P.E. 
Mag Lev Cars
6th grade students in Mr. 
Thoennes' Science class
apply their knowledge of
force and motion as they
create and test their own
Mag Lev cars. 
Engage In Learning
8th grade students in Mrs. 
Adams' Spanish class 
demonstrate verbs they are

Python Feature


Invest in Your Child's Future
 Unit 5 has been involved with Vision 20/20, which is a student‐centered vision for the future of education in Illinois. It focuses on four policy priorities: highly effective educators, 21st century learning, shared accountability, and equitable and adequate funding. To learn more about Vision 20/20, please click here.