Dan Lamboley

Mike Clark
Associate Principal
Phone: 309-557-4408
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Principal's Message

August 2014

Python Pride
8th Grade Dance
An 8th grade student paints
Mr. Burnett's nails during the
8th grade Bon Voyage Black
Light Dance.

Spotlight on Learning
Can You Hear This?
6th grade students in Mrs.
Sunkel's Science class conduct
experiments as part of their
unit of sound waves.
Lord of the Manor
6th grade students in Ms.
Topping's Social Studies class
take part in a ceremony as part
of their study of Middle Ages.
On Serve
Mr. Nevels and Mrs Knight take
on two 6th grade students in a
spirited set of tennis during P.E.
Mr. Nevels and Mrs. Knight took
the set 5-2.

Python Feature